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Forklift Safety Training

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1. Did you watch the YouTube video titled "Forklift Operator Safety Training" prior to taking this quiz?

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2. It is permissible to overload the truck by 25 percent if additional counterweights are used.

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3. Not observing the “rear end swing” is a probable cause for a majority of damage to finished goods.

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4. The operator should know what materials are being handled, how much it weighs, and how high it should be stacked.

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5. The truck operator does not have to pay much attention to utilities such as wiring, piping, sprinkler heads, or electrical boxes.

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6. Operators should check their trucks at the beginning of each shift.

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7. Under no condition should anyone be permitted under elevated forks or loads.

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8. It is a common practice to go up a ramp with the forks and the load up front.

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9. If you are not able to see because of a large load in front of you, it is better to drive backwards than to try and see
around it on one side.

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10. If they ask, maintenance or repair people may be lifted on the forks to reach their work.

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11. Operators must face the direction in which the machine is traveling.