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"Big Fish is a very caring company. They know the trauma of the hot house in the Austin summer. They are prompt, thorough and considerate of one's budget. I've dealt with a few more companies over the past years and Big Fish is head and shoulders above the others. (Do fish have shoulders? Big Fish does.)"
Jo Carol Pierce
"Big Fish is amazing. We recently had Big Fish join our team as our maintenance contractor. The team is expert, friendly, knowledgeable and VERY service oriented. We had 2 strand odors in our salon late one afternoon. I spoke with the owner and we agreed it was best to checkout the smells the next morning before we opened. The owner came to our salon at 6 a. He diagnosed it wasn't the HVAC system but 2 other possible cause with simple fixes. Not only did he take care of the issue, the owner called early the next week, to check and see if the issue had been resolved. THAT IS AMAZING SERVICE. We are Big Fish customers for Life! "
Beth S.
"Big Fish is amazing. They just helped me on a repair of an aluminum heat exchanger. Great service & friendly staff. Will definitely use them again & recommend them to others."
Jeremy R.
"I will definitely recommend Big Fish any day of the week. Daryl is a man that won’t accept nothing but the best from his employees. He is a hard working, quality driven, family man and I don’t know anyone that will go so far out of his way to help you if he is able. I have personally known Daryl for close to 20 years and I can honestly say that he was a role model and an inspiration to me growing up. I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for him. He was destined to own his own business since I met him. He has always been business minded and professional in all that he does."
Greg B.

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