Lockout Tagout Safety Training

Lockout Tagout Safety Training

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1. Did you watch the YouTube video titled "Master Lock OSHA Lockout Tagout” AND "LOTO Lockout Tagout Electrical & Mechanical Training Video" prior to taking this quiz?

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2. Applying only a tag on a control switch de-energizes equipment.

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3. In a lockout, an energy isolating device is locked in a safe or off position.

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4. When should you lock out a machine?

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5. Locks are the only approved means for locking out a machine.

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6. Lockout devices should be standardized within the facility by using the same:

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7. Arrange in correct sequence the actions involved in reenergizing machines:

(i) NOTIFY: Notify affected employees that the servicing is completed.
(ii) CHECK AREA: Make sure no employee is exposed to the machine. Clear all employees from the area around the machine.
(iii) REMOVE LOTO: Remove the lockout/tagout devices.
(iv) INSPECT: Clear materials and tools from the machine.
(v) RESTORE: Restore equipment in the order indicated by the lockout procedure.
(vi) VERIFY: Verify that machine controls are in neutral

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8. The quality of the tagout device is vital in a lockout tagout procedure.

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9. A tagout device must ___

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10. Affected employees in a lockout/tagout are those who...

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11. Who may remove the lock from the machine?

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12. Arrange the following steps of the lockout procedure in the correct sequence.

(i) SHUT DOWN: Shut it down equipment using the normal stopping procedure (i.e., close valve, open switch, press it down).
(ii) ISOLATION: Isolate the machine or equipment from its energy source.
(iii) PREPARATION: Communicate to all affected employees that a machine or equipment requires servicing and must be shut down and locked out.
(iv) LOCKOUT/TAGOUT: Lock out the energy isolating device(s) with assigned locks and “Danger!” tags.
(v) ISOLATION VERIFICATION: Return operating controls to “off” or “neutral” after verifying that the machine is isolated from its energy source.
(vi) STORED ENERGY CHECK: Check that the machine is isolated from all energy sources (including residual energy,) first, by making sure that no employee is exposed to it, then by trying normal operating procedure to see if the machine is working.

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13. A tagout device must be labeled to identify employees authorized to apply and remove it.

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14. When you cannot lockout the energy isolating device of a machine, you must still attach the tagout device to it, and complete the tagout procedures.

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15. In case the servicing and/or maintenance is performed by a group of employees, who is responsible for executing the tagout/lockout procedure?

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16. Both lockout and tagout devices are required when isolating equipment.

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17. Turning off the power switch removes all energy from powered equipment.

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18. Lockout/Tagout is necessary whenever you are performing service or maintenance around any machine where you could be injured by:

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19. If a worker is not present to remove his own lock, any co-worker can remove it as long as he first makes sure it its safe?

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20. Before removing the lock you must do which of the following?

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21. Once you have isolated a system from its main power source, you can be sure no energy will reach the equipment.

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22. LOTO device must be labeled to identify the specific employees authorized to apply & remove them.

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23. Before removing lockout/tagout devices, you must make sure the danger area is clear of tools and workers.

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24. "Lockout" means "the placement of a tagout device on an energy-isolating device to indicate that the device and the equipment being controlled may not be operated until the tagout device is removed".

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25. The employees that need LO/TO Training are?

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26. A Lockout Device is a device that positively prevents a machine from being: