Aerial/Scissor Lift Safety Training

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1. Did you watch the YouTube video titled "Aerial Lift Safety Training Osha Safety Training MYMIC”" prior to taking this quiz?

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2. What is the minimum distance that needs to be maintained between the machine and its load from an energized power line?

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What must you check before using a scissor lift?

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4. Common scissor lift accidents include:

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5. When moving the machine, the user should visually verify that other people are clear and that potholes or objects that would affect the stability of the lift are avoided.

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6. Before operating a scissor lift, check to see if you are positioned on a slope.

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7. It is safe to position the basket on a building ledge, roof, or any other object and boom down to increase the stability of the basket.

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8. An aerial lift operator must:

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9. Man lift occupants may position themselves outside of the guardrails if they are tied off.

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10. Aerial lift operators must:

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11. What should you do if you discover defective equipment during an inspection?