Dangers of Refrigerant Leak

Dangers of Refrigerant Leak
Heat pumps require a specific refrigerant charge. Low refrigerant levels during the winter cause your system to inadequately heat your home or workspace. When refrigerant levels drop, the heat pump may freeze over or the compressor can easily overheat. These issues can cause damage to your system, requiring heat pump repair or replacement. A leaking refrigerant line in your heat pump during the winter can pose devastating consequences for the safety of occupants as well as your heating system.

Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks in a heat pump during the winter aren’t always easy for a user to identify. As low refrigerant levels in your heat pump during winter is a serious problem, quick repairs are needed. Watch for the following signs that could indicate a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system: • Lower heat output • Can’t keep indoor areas warm enough using the heat pump • Hissing sound coming from the heat pump • Ice on the heat pump’s coils

Health Risks from Refrigerant Leak Exposure

Refrigerant leaks can be harmful to your health and release hazardous chemicals into the environment. Refrigerant, commonly know as Freon, is tasteless and odorless. It also contains chemicals that can affect air quality and enter your respiratory system. Once inhaled, the gases can cause a variety of health problems, including: • Vomiting • Nausea • Headache • Eye Irritation • Confusion • Irregular Heartbeat • Chest Tightness • Psychosis • Brain Damage • Lung Damage • Death

Pets and Children at Risk

Refrigerants are much heavier than the air, so they are more concentrated close to the Earth’s surface. Therefore, the closer you are to the surface, the more likely you are to inhale the toxic substances. For this reason, children and pets often experience more exposure to the effects of refrigerants if there is a refrigerant leak. What to do if there is a Refrigerant Leak If you suspect there is a refrigerant leak, whether at home or your business: • Open all doors and windows. • If there is a fan, switch it on. • Vacate the premises, making sure everyone is out of the building. • If you or someone else is experiencing symptoms, seek medical attention. • Call a professional technician to assess and repair the situation as soon as possible.

Get Help with Refrigerant Leaks

Your safety is our highest priority. If you suspect there is a refrigerant leak in your home or business, contact us right away. Our team of experienced professionals will assess the situation right away and ensure your home or business is not only comfortable, but safe too.

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