Common Walk-In Cooler Issues

Common Walk-In Cooler Issues

Keeping your walk-in cooler in great shape is the key to it’s longevity. Without regular maintenance, refrigeration equipment can cause higher energy bills, costly repairs and spoiled perishable items.

Performing routine maintenance can help you avoid these common issues:

Door Leaks

Leaky seams can cause condensation in the cooler, resulting in wet floors and moldy conditions. Check for cracks and leaks in the seams.

Improper Door Closing

If your cooler door does not close securely, it may have a broken door mechanism. This can cause condensation in your cooler.

Evaporator Issues

Excessive ice buildup will cause the system to run constantly to maintain normal temperature. Without proper cleaning, dirt can buildup, causing the coils to freeze and reduce airflow.

Dirty compressor or condenser

Working together, the compressor and condenser remove heat from the cooler. When dust and debris accumulate, it prevents the heat from releasing and makes the unit work harder. If not corrected, it can cause compressor failure.

Faulty Heater Strips

Your heat strip should be warm to the touch. If it is not, your unit could freeze shut. Call a repairman as soon as possible to replace avoid further issues.

Evaporator Fail

Your evaporator runs on refrigerant, if low it can cause unit failure. It can also fail by freezing up or having an overflowing drip pan. Excessive buildup on the evaporator can cause your unit to work harder and less efficiently.

Overflowing Drip Pan

A clogged line, triggered by an accumulation of sediment will cause overflow and drip. Adding line clearing to your regular maintenance plan can prevent this issue from happening.


Breakdowns and repairs are costly for your business. Prevent issues with a regularly scheduled maintenance. Let Big Fish /R help you keep your refrigeration equipment in tip-top shape. Call us at 512-653-1414 or visit us online at www.bigfishhvac.com .

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