Prep Your Home and HVAC for Christmas Vacation

Prep Your Home and HVAC for Christmas Vacation

Prep Your Home and for Christmas Vacation

It’s time for your Christmas vacation and the threat of cold weather is the biggest threat to your holiday plans. In the midst of the festivities, it’s easy to forget how important it is to prepare your home and system.

Don’t let issues bother you while you’re away. Here are smart preparation tips just for you:

Evaluate Your Heating System

Before heading out on your vacation, make sure your system is working as it should. If you find any issues, now’s the time to get it fixed, before it causes major damage to your system.

Inspect Your Electrical System

All those lights and decorations are fun and festive. However, it comes with a risk if your not careful when setting them up.  Installing a power surge protector to prevent a sudden electrical outage and a power spike can reduce the risk of damaging your electrical equipment.

Neighborhood Watch

Be sure to have a trusted neighbor watch over your property when you’re away. If you have your lights or decorations set up on timers, it’s a great idea to have someone keeping an eye out for electrical issues.

Check Your Air Quality

Decided to stay at home for the holidays? Keep your family and guests comfortable with healthy indoor air quality by changing air filters regularly. Invest in a humidifier for the dry winter air. It helps improve your indoor comfort while decreasing the chances of health issues.


If you need preventive maintenance or repair service for Christmas, our experts at Big Fish will be happy to serve you even during the holidays.

HVAC Christmas Vacation

Enjoy the holiday and have a wonderful Christmas vacation!

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