Winter Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Winter Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Tips for Commercial Winter Efficiency and Maintenance

As we head into the holidays, we’re sure to be busy planning, shopping and spending quality time with family and friends. Before it gets hectic, you should have your system inspected by a licensed professional to ensure your holidays are filled with comfort and warmth. As the cold months of winter set in, the demands on your system increase. Winterizing your system is essential for reducing unnecessary future maintenance and expenses. Here are our top HVAC energy saving tips for winter:

Replace and Check Filters

Dirty air filters restrict air flow, causing airborne particles to enter the system and clog sensitive machinery.  As a result, it puts a strain on the system and reduces the energy efficiency of your entire system.  Also, consider using higher quality filters to save money on maintenance and replacement costs.

Routine Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance is the best way to prevent unnecessary, costly repairs and keep your system running at peak performance. Importantly, pre-season maintenance can help you avoid system failure during the holiday season, and keep your energy bill in check. Establishing a routine maintenance schedule with a licensed professional will keep your system running efficiently and trouble-free.

Recalibrate Your Thermostat

Be sure to have your thermostat calibrated by a professional commercial technician to ensure the temperature is accurate. This will increase efficiency, reduce energy costs and create a comfortable environment for your customers. Save on energy bills by lowering the temperature when building is unoccupied.

Check for Leaks or CracksHVAC maintenance

Air will escape through leaks in the ducts, holes in the heat exchanger and cracks in tubes and orifices. As a result, these leaks will cause the system to run longer and put a strain on the system. Therfore, it is important to work with a licensed professional to identify these HVAC issues and keep your business energy-efficient and safe.

Properly Operating Economizers

An economizer is part of the outdoor system and detects the right level of outside air to bring into the building. It utilized internal dampers to control the amount of air that gets pulled in, recirculated and exhausted from your building. It is extremely important to work with your specialist to ensure that your economizer is operating properly.

Keep your units running efficiently and reliably by working with a service contractor that understands the history of your facilities and systems. In addition, having a routine maintenance plan tailored to your unique needs will keep your business environment comfortable and safe. Big Fish HVAC/R and Commercial Kitchen is here to ensure your and Refrigeration needs are met with outstanding service and the highest quality HVAC products.

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