Avoid Summer Refrigeration Issues

Avoid Summer Refrigeration Issues

Avoiding summer refrigeration issues is crucial. Your patrons are drinking more than usual, so your cooler is being used more frequently. Therefore, these hot, Texas summers can cause your refrigeration units to work harder than normal. Taking measures to avoid a broken, overheated refrigeration system can help. Here are some quick tips:

avoid summer refrigeration issues

Clean Units

Be sure to clean your units at least once a week or more. Clean clutter so that you maximize the air flow. Always clean spills at once to prevent contact with electrical components. Also, inspect the unit for any signs that could cause an issue, such as door hinges, leaks, fan noises and temperature problems.

Avoid Excess Heat

Avoid producing excess heat in your unit by turning off lights when not in use. Heat inside the cooler means the unit must work harder, decrease its lifespan and/or cause more frequent servicing. As an added benefit, your energy bill will be lower.

Automated Alarm Monitoring

The temperature in your unit should be checked daily to verify that your perishable products are kept safe from spoilage. An automated alarm monitoring system will do the work for you. It will alert you and your staff immediately if something goes wrong. If you notice a fluctuation in temperature, call a technician at once.

Routine Maintenance

When your business relies on refrigeration units, it’s imperative to keep them in tip-top shape. The best way to avoid a breakdown and costly repairs is to have the units serviced routinely. We can find potential problems before they become expensive repairs. 

Refrigeration Location

Locating your refrigeration unit away from exterior walls and windows will reduce the heat surrounding the unit. When units are exposed to excessive heat, it reduces the efficiency and can potentially break down quicker.

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