Tips to Maintain Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Tips to Maintain Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Your commercial kitchen equipment running smoothly is critical to your business. There is never a good time for a breakdown. With proper maintenance, the likelihood of equipment failure is far less. By using the following tips, you can save time and money in the long run.

Review your owner’s manual

Most equipment comes with specific care and handling requirements specific to the unit. Familiarize yourself with each piece of equipment to understand how to operate and maintain the unit and its components.

Repair Broken Parts

There are many parts and components to your equipment. If you see a broken part or hear an odd noise, don’t delay repair. One broken part, can wreak havoc on the entire unit. It is essential to have your system repaired by a professional.

Clean and Sanitize

Buildup of grime, dust, and other particles can cause equipment failure. Your system should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. The parts and components of your unit should be evaluated by a professional on a routine schedule to clean and look for worn parts before system failure happens. A clean unit is less likely to fail, will last longer and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown.

Avoid Contaminated Ice

Ice machines that are neglected to carry bacteria and viruses, including Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli. It is critical for the safety of your customers to have your machine cleaned professionally at least every 6 months or even as much as every month, depending on the usage. If you see signs, such as mold, smelly ice, or spotty ice, you should have your ice machine cleaned immediately.

Professional Maintenance

Your equipment should be serviced regularly by a professional technician.  Your technician can spot worn or damaged parts and perform safety measures on each unit. This will keep your kitchen equipment running properly and reduce unexpected interruptions from of equipment failure.

Regular maintenance is crucial to the life of your equipment. Routine professional inspections can help reduce equipment malfunctions and failure. If you encounter interruptions in your equipment, contact Big Fish /R for routine maintenance and repairs

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