Summer HVAC Issues

Summer HVAC Issues

Summer Issues can wreak havoc on your comfort and health. Fall isn’t too far away, but we’ve still got some hot summer days ahead of us. So, you may still run into issues with your commercial air conditioning system. If you haven’t had preventive maintenance performed in the past few months, now’s the time. However, even if you’ve had your unit serviced, you could still run into problems since your system is working overtime in this Texas heat. If you notice any of the following issues, be sure to call for repairs.

HVAC Summer Issues

Refrigerant Leak

Your air conditioner depends on refrigerant to keep your building cool. If you have a refrigerant leak, the system is unable to properly cool and must work harder. In turn, your entire system will eventually break down causing more repairs. So, if you notice that the room air is warmer, or you notice fluid leaking call a technician right away.


Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your air conditioner turns off before the cycle is complete. If you notice that the unit turns on and off every couple of minutes, it’s time to call a technician. short cycling has several possible causes. Your compressor might be failing, air filter might be clogged, or the unit may be low on refrigerant. The longer the system short cycles, the more stress is put on the unit. Therefore, the system could develop other issues.

Low Output

Is your air conditioner struggling to blow enough air to keep your building cool? There could be several different causes for low output. You might have a blower or air handler issue, a clogged air filter or a frozen evaporator coil.  Any one of these will put your air conditioning system under strain and can cause other parts of the system to break down. The only way to verify the issue is to have a professional evaluate the system.

Outdated Design

Have you renovated or rearranged your space? If so, your ductwork or the system itself may not be adequate to cool the redesigned space.HVAC Summer Issues

If you’re having summer issues, call Big Fish HVAC/R and Commercial Kitchen to schedule an air conditioning repair. We’ll send one of our trusted experts to your home or business and get the AC working properly. Schedule an appointment today.

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